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Art Supply Posse

Jan 26, 2021

Mike Hawthorne returns to Art Supply Posse. This is a three-part series. This first part is a chat about creating art and how Mike discovered his talent. Mike has written his first autobiographical graphic novel which he talks about in depth in the second part of this series.

Mike is a comic book artist and graphic...

Jan 19, 2021

Kim and Alan talk about using oil pastels

Oil pastels Wikipedia entry

Mungyo Gallery oil pastels  72 box set


Cray-Pas oil pastels

Dec 29, 2020

Alan Trautman and Kim reflect on their art practice over the past year, highlighting the good bits.
Art Supply Posse is produced by Marcus Clearspring and Kim Cofield.

Nov 24, 2020

Jane Mills, aka Ivory Ocean, returns to Art Supply Posse to discuss drawing yourself as a cartoon character. Why? Because your character can do things you can't. Ivory's character Spacegirl can travel into space, until she can herself. Another, down to earth reason, is to process the struggles of daily life in...