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Art Supply Posse

Jan 26, 2021

Mike Hawthorne returns to Art Supply Posse. This is a three-part series. This first part is a chat about creating art and how Mike discovered his talent. Mike has written his first autobiographical graphic novel which he talks about in depth in the second part of this series.

Mike is a comic book artist and graphic novelist mostly known for his Marvel comics of Spider-Man, Superman and Deadpool.

Mike’s gumroad store



"Forgive yourself"

"Focus on getting better at drawing one specific thing, instead of everything"

"Look for incremental progress in your art. Be fair to yourself"


The Brief & Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao is a book that inspired Mike’s friend to tell him he needs to write his memoir


Artistic Anatomy


How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way


Understanding Comics




Art Supplies


Strathmore paper


Stillman & Birn