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Art Supply Posse

Mar 31, 2020

Isaac Gorden goes through his impressive stash of unused art supplies. Handmade Japanese watercolours, Parisian pastels, and rare pencils. Along the way, Isaac and Kim discuss being too precious with art supplies, and the fear of “failure” — however you want to define that personally.

Isaac’s Instagram...

Mar 17, 2020

Julia van der Wyk likes her paintings to evoke a sense of place. She is an artist, musician, and classically trained singer. A print maker, painter, and letterer.


Each of her art practises are like entering a different universe.


Julia’s chronic illness caused her to change her art practice which lead to...

Mar 3, 2020

Jessica Panzarino, aka Art by Panza, chats about her watercolour paintings.

Jessica’s Skillshare class shows how to create her milky way paintings.

Use Jessica’s affiliate link to get two months free on Skillshare and take Jessica‘s class on...