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Art Supply Posse

Aug 30, 2018

​​Kim interviews Jen Saunders, owner of "Larry Post", both a physical and online retailer specializing in small tools for writing and sketching. Their mission is to encourage and make it easy for people to go outside and draw. Larry Post is located near the picturesque Manly Beach, only a short ferry ride from Sydney, Australia.

​​One thing that sets Larry Post apart from other art supply stores is their variety of tools. They carry both traditional art supplies and a wide range of fountain pens, since drawing outside opens the door to urban sketching.

​​Kim and Jen discuss how Jen’s former profession as an optometrist led to Larry Post’s mission, together with different aspects of creativity.

​​There is also a fun example of a fountain pen helping a high school student with poor handwriting, and his teacher being so impressed by the improvement that she gets several pens to lend other students.

​​Jen is a really inspiring person and we hope this interview leaves you just as inspired to create as it did us!

Note: Jen's recording mic was a bit too "hot" and distorted a bit, but it's a jam-packed interview of goodness, and worth a listen.

​​00:31: Episode Intro

02:46: Interview Begin

03:49: Eyesight Development and Being Outdoors

07:24: Unique Product Selection

11:34: Embossing Notebooks And Sketchbooks

13:02: Mixing of Analogue and Digital Tools

17:29: Different Age Groups

20:34: Loaner Pens and Paper Samples

21:34: In-shop Education and Demystifying fountain pens

25:46: Jen’s Favourite Creative Outlets

27:06: How to Start Being Creative

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