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Art Supply Posse

Feb 18, 2020

Chris Lambert was a designer for a small furniture company. The idea for ScrawlrBox was formed after Chris attended a marketing course. ScrawlrBox launched after a successful crowd funding campaign.


Each box features an artist, and a print of their work. The print provides inspiration and a starting point to create something with the supplies. It is also an opportunity to let people know about the artist.


A community has grown around the boxes. People share their art, provide feedback to each other, and become friends.


This episode is NOT sponsored by ScrawlrBox, or any other party. Art Supply Posse does not currently accept sponsors, or other forms of advertising. Please support Art Supply Posse on Patreon.

Instagram hashtags to see what people are doing with the included art supplies: #scrawlrbox and #scrawlrboxchallenge