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Art Supply Posse

Apr 14, 2020

If you want some motivation to start drawing, or creating anything, listen to this very inspiring chat with artist AntonioMabs.

AntonioMabs is a freelance artist working in illustration, graphic design, character design, cartooning, and animation.

Most work is created digitally, using a Cintiq tablet. Adobe Photoshop and Flash. Cricut machine for creating stickers.

Art supplies: When sketching he uses a Bic pen or No. 2 pencil, on copy paper. Carries with him a small sketchbook that he’s made himself- available for sale on his website.

Some takeaways:
“Start by putting your ideas down”

“Fail fast. Fail often. Every drawing gets you closer to finding your style”

“Get comfortable with failing. Understand it’s part of the process”

“Try to experiment within the fields of your medium” This allows you to understand it more, even if you don’t necessarily end up doing that work.

“Every day you give to your art, you’ve added energy to it and it grows”



Book recommendation: The Principles of Animation

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