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Art Supply Posse

Dec 28, 2018

​​All the Colours and Beyond - Tetrachromacy with Concetta Antico

Kim Interviews Concetta Antico. Artist, art teacher and true tetrachromat. Concetta can see up to 100 million more colours than almost anyone else in the world. Concetta’s abilities have been verified scientifically, and researched for six...

Nov 28, 2018

Kim interviews Rachel Hazell “The Travelling Bookbinder”, who teaches how to make artist books.

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About Rachel Hazell

Rachel Hazell travels the world teaching people how to make artist books. She has built a giant two meter tall book for a fashion design exhibit which...

Nov 1, 2018

Ana interviews Vito Grippi and Gabe Dunmire, the co-founders of Story Supply Co, and we announce our Patreon.

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​​​​Vito and Gabe are the two guys behind Story Supply. The paper in their notebooks works well with various art supplies and fountain...

Oct 9, 2018

Liz Steel episode

​​Liz Steel talks about becoming an urban sketcher, journalling her life, and teaching art.

​​Liz’s Online sketching courses

​​Liz Steel’s website and blog


​​Danny Gregory

​​Urban Sketchers

Liz Steel talks about becoming an art teacher who journals her life by...

Sep 20, 2018

An episode featuring artist Nick Stewart. It’s all about making art using the unique properties of fountain pen inks. Shading, sheening, chromatography, and bleach. Also, how we plan to get involved in Inktober 2018.

Nick Stewart is a professional artist and graphic designer whose work you will find on things from...